Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Family Vacation

Well we did Disney! I had a blast. It was my first official visit (hubby and I spent half a day at Epcot once killing time between a cruise and our flight home 12 years ago, but you can't really count that). I think I had just as good a time if not better than the kids (both of whom got sick, ran fevers and coughed while we were there). Magic Kingdom is by far my favorite.
I didn't get a picture of the bag in action, but it served it's purpose very well travelling everywhere we went and allowing us to bring everything we needed. The only thing I would change would be to have not done the interior in black because it was difficult to see things when I wanted to.
The other thing that saved the trip was the KinderKord. I have always been kind of anti-child leash, but baby boy has such a mind of his own and when he sets it on something he goes and doesn't care if I am in his line of sight or not. So, when hubby bought the KinderKord I was somewhat skeptical. The KinderKord was invented by Joan Lunden as an alternative to traditional child leash/harness/backpack. It's less conspicuous, less restricting. I am getting way off on a tangent here...hubby bought a rather pricey lightweight stroller in anticipation for the trip (he would be the one carrying it on and off the buses/boats and in the event that baby boy got out of the stroller). Just in case he also purchased the KinderKord. Travel day came and baby boy rode in his nice comfy stroller all through the air port; we had a two hour wait so hubby hooked him up to the KinderKord so they could explore and kill time and that was pretty much the end of the stroller. My VERY independent two year old boy would have nothing to do with the stroller from that point on (so we did Disney at a two year old pace :0). But the KinderKord was great! I looks like a watch, which he LOVES to where watches, so getting him to put it on and keep it on was a piece of cake. The cord is cord from dad's wrist band and one from the boy's and they hook in the gives about 3' so he can walk along side and I can look at all the scenery that big sis is shouting "look at that mom" without worrying that he'll get lost in the shuffle.
All in all it was an amazing trip and I can't wait to back.