Saturday, January 10, 2009

This, That and The Other

On New Year's Day, I set a goal of Blogging once a week (I'm already a day late....and probably more than a dollar short) here is this week's post.

I decided to follow some general advice and be my own advertisement by using something I made.  So, I made myself a super cute tote bag that I had been wanting for ages and low and behold I was approached by someone to make another!  So I did...and I have enough fabric left over that I am planning on doing another take on it using the accent fabric for the main part.  It was very rewarding to know that other's really do like my work!

I completed a custom order for a customer wanting an apron.  This customer is a hairdresser and wanted a stylish apron that would protect her clothes from the chemicals she works with on a daily basis.  So...I laminated a fabric print of her choice, trimmed it, made pockets for her to use for her gadgets, tips and appointment cards.  I am hoping to offer more of these in the future.

And in that vein, with the CPSIA kind of leaving things up in the air, I am looking to branch out by doing more aprons, etc.  I have done several baby shower gifts and would like to start offering bridal shower gifts.  I recently assembled a bridal shower basket for a customer by monogramming kitchen towels and dish cloths and filling the basket with things many new brides could use.  I am currently working on a set to offer in my Etsy shop that can be customized....check back soon!

Lastly, I made a full apron using a fabric I adore!  I am waiting for a model to be available and then this will be up in my shop!

In an effort to stick to some of my other resolutions for my blog, I have been brainstorming ideas for regular features and kind of hitting a mental block.  I would love some input as to what you all would like to see...what is going to bring you back each week or each month.  At some point this year, I am hoping to do a giveaway, although I have nothing specific in mind.  If you have something you would like to be featured or just have an idea you would like to share, please comment!!!

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QuirkyDolls said...

Recently found you and I just did a post about " mixing it up" on your blog to keep it interesting -so feel free to go read it for ideas.