Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeling Good...

I won!!! I won the EMCA (Etsy Mom Curator Award) for curating Treasuries featuring Etsymoms. I won the October award and it is such an honor to be recognized for promoting the team...especially because it was sooo much fun! You can check out the new EMCA blog for screenshots of all the participating entries and to view some the items created by talented teammates. I won the choice of a prize from one of the three sponsors; I chose a painted frame from CraftGirlAlli and I can't wait to see it in person!!
I would also like give a big thanks to Kimberly, from CinnamonSpice for featuring me on her blog!!!! She also has an Etsy shop: Cinnamon & Spice Crafts. She makes beautiful photo albums, scrapbooks, keepsakes and much more!

On a separate note, I had a productive week. I was able to complete two blankets, a set of burpers, and a tote bag!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Etsymom SUPERGIVEAWAY is coming!
The Etsymom Street Team is prepping for the holidays by taking the time-honored tradition of gift-giving to another level! Riding the wave of unity, harmony and excitement inspired by the Etsymom Trunk Show in September, our team tossed around a few ideas about our next team event. A little idea of having a giveway, where Moms would donate an item to be given away each day of November on our blog has morphed into a SUPER GIVEAWAY!! When the call for volunteers went out we had an overwhelming response of over 60 shops willing to donate a $10.00 in value item to this cause. Two winners will be randomly chosen everday to receive one of over 50 prizes. Donations will range from an assortment of hand embroidery, vintage finds, hair clippies, baby accessories, papercrafts, earthenware pottery and more. Perfect for gift-giving! There is a little bit of everything, so whether you like trendy, shabby chic, traditional or retro styles, you're sure to find something! Don't miss this ONLINE EXTRAVAGANZA. Visit us here beginning November 1st for giveaway rules and deadlines!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Feels Like I'm Falling For Fall...."

For those of you with pre-schoolers, you may recognize the title as the lyrics from Moose A. Moose's fall song on Noggin (It runs through my head all day!)  But it is so befitting of the lovely weekend we had this past weekend which we capped off on Sunday with a family trip to a local state park for a picnic and a hike.  Most leaves were just barely starting to turn, but some were in full color and falling down, down, down.  We made a game of who could find the most colors and we collected leaves for a scrapbook.  We even found a fuzzy caterpillar!  And my kids, my city kids who don't always know the difference between a horse and cow, got to see horses on the trails! (I grew up on a farm and we now live in town and I am constantly amazed at how much of a city kid my daughter is.)  

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trick or Treat Tote Bag Tutorial

This year, my daughter chose to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween (I am not making it, Disney store had it on sale so my son is going to be Mickey...too cute!).  So, since I bought the costume, I wanted to make her a trick or treat bag because the pink Princess pumpkin from last year just seems to clash with the red & white Minnie polka dots.  It turned out so cute that I thought I would share this project.
  It worked great for Minnie with the red and white polka dots with black trim, but you could coordinate it to just about anything for your little girl with the right fabric.  

This project is really pretty easy, so give it a try!  It is inexpensive (I found fabric on sale and made this for under $5) and doesn't take too long (probably between and hour and a half and two hours).  This is my first attempt at creating a tutorial...I would love your comments on how it went, if I explained things clearly enough, anything you think should be done differently!

Material List
1/2 yard of main fabric
1/2 yard of contrast /lining fabric
1 yard of 7/8"-1" ribbon
Interfacing (optional)
Coordinating thread

Straight edge ruler
Fabric marking pen/pencil
Iron/Ironing Board
Sewing Machine

1.  Start by folding your main fabric to create two layers.  Then, cut 
your fabric 16.25" wide by 8.75" high.  Starting at the left edge of the fabric, mark 2-5/8" in at the top and at the bottom.  Then make a mark 6-3/4" down from the top mark (this should be 2" up from the bottom mark) and connect that to the mark on the bottom edge.  Then make a mark 2" back to the left and connect;  then, using a straight edge, connect it back to the upper left hand

2.  Fold the fabric in half and cut along your lines.  

3.  To cut the lining fabric, start by creating two layers and cutting a 16.25" by 10.75" section.  Starting at the left edge of the fabric, make a mark 2-1/2" down from the top on the left edge and then marks 2-5/8" in at the top and bottom edges.  Then make a mark 8-3/4" down from the top (this should be 2" up from the bottom mark) and connect it to the bottom mark;  measure 2" back to the left and connect.  Using a straight edge, connect that point to the mark on the left edge of the fabric.  

4.  Fold the fabric in half and cut along your lines.

5.  Cut the exterior contrast piece by layering your contrast fabric and cutting a section 16-1/4" by 3".

6.  You will need to cut two straps from the main fabric, 3" by 19".

7.  Cut 2 lengths of ribbon 16-1/4" long.

8.  (optional)For the bow, cut 1 main fabric and 1 lining fabric 4" by 6" each.

9.  (optional)  Use the lining fabric as a template to cut your interfacing for the body of the bag and then cut interfacing for each of the straps and the bow. (Interfacing just beefs it up and adds structure for use beyond Halloween;  it can be used without.)

You should now have all your pieces (2 main exterior-front and back, two contrast exterior-front and back, two lining-front and back, 2 straps, 2 trim, one main bow, one contrast bow)

10.  With satin/smooth side facing down, place one piece of ribbon on one main fabric piece;  with right side facing down, place one lining piece on top of main fabric and ribbon, pin and stitch together using a 1/2" seam.  Press seam open with ribbon/trim up.  Repeat for back panel.  Set aside.

11.  (optional)  Apply interfacing to front and back main panels, straps and bow.

12.  Fold strap piece in half length-wise, open and press in edges to center.  Fold back in length wise (enclosing raw edges) and stitch close to edge to finish.

13.  With right sides together, stitch bow pieces together using a 1/2" seam allowance and leaving a  2-3" opening to turn.  Turn right sides out, press and edge stitch all the way
 around, closing opening.

14.  Orient bow piece lengthwise (like a note card), fold and crease to mark center line.  Form 2 pleats (one above center line and one below) press and then fold up the top and
 bottom edges, pin in place and stitch vertically down the middle.

15.  Attach bow to exterior front, reinforcing the stitch down the center.

16.  With right sides together, pin the exterior front and back pieces together at the sides (matching trim seams) and bottom only(do not stitch corners).  Stitch together using a 1/2" seam allowance;  press seams open.  

17.  With bag open and wrong side out, bring side seam and bottom seam together(matching up) and stitch corner with a 1/2" seam allowance.  Repeat for other corner.  Trim corners and turn right side out.  

18.  Repeat steps 16 and 17 to make interior/lining.

19.  Pin straps to exterior of bag on the outside.

20.  With lining wrong side out and exterior right side out, slip exterior into lining and pin.  Stitch all the way around leaving a 3"-5" opening for turning.  Turn bag right sides out and slip lining inside bag.  

21.  Edge stitch all the way around the top closing opening and finishing the bag!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week in Review

Well...I have had yet again, another busy week.  I completed a custom order for an Etsy customer; I made a shopping cart cover with Heather Ross' Fish in Bags fabric with a contrasting brown.  I sold a tote bag a made ages ago.  I finished a really cute apron using Robert Kaufman's Sweet Tooth fabric.  I made two flannel baby blankets for that friend that apparently is keeping me in business!   I also made the invitation for my son's first birthday party.  I can't believe a whole year has gone by already!  It's like somebody hit fast forward....I just wish I could find the slow motion button because it is going waaaayyy to fast.  Today, I am planning on making a Trick or Treat bag for my daughter;  she is going to be Minnie Mouse (the baby is going to  be Mickey) so I bought some black fabric and some red with large white polka dots to make her a bag.  I haven't quite worked out the pattern for that yet, but I've got all day (waiting for the cable guy to install new (faster!!!) Internet service).
I'm really excited for the EtsyMom Team-wide Month long Giveaway coming up in November.  We have had a HUGE response and it should be a lot of fun.  We are giving away two prizes everyday the whole month of November!  So, check back often for more details.  In the team vein, I also got another treasury;  this week I featured cupcakes....yummy!!!  My next one should be tutu cute!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Busy Week...

This week was another busy week!  I completed a custom sewing project for an Etsy customer, a baby blanket for a friend, and a dress I listed in my shop.  Oh, and a blanket and onesie set to list in my shop also.  I am going to start work on designing a website with the goal of being up and running by the end of the month, just in time for Christmas shopping!!!  

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tag You're It

So I have been tagged by J.LeighDesignz.  
The game is 6 Random Things.  
Here are the rules:
  1. Link to the person who tagged you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. Write 6 random things about yourself.
  4. Tag more or less 6 people a the end of your post.
  5. Let each person know he/she has been tagged.
  6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
So, here goes...
  1. I am over thirty and grossly overweight, but much to my husband's surprise, I can still do a cartwheel (my four-year-old, however, was unimpressed when she saw me do it).
  2. I can install vinyl siding on a house (actually cut it and put it up), as well as plywood sheathing(on the exterior walls, I DON'T go on the roof), and drywall.
  3. I used to be a natural blond, but then I had kids who turned it dark, and now I am a slightly unnatural blond.
  4. I am pathologically honest.  (Literally!)
  5. After much resistance, I relented to friends several years ago and read a little children's book called "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"  and fell hopelessly in love(with the series, not Harry).
  6. Extreme Makeover Home Edition is my favorite show, with Grey's Anatomy running a close second...Desperate Housewives is my guilty pleasure.
So that's me in a very small nutshell.  I am tagging CinnamonSpice, Rebeccas Rags, Tote-N-Tots, Two Zany Zebras,  Wyles Style, and  Rosies Cozies.

I have had another busy week and will post on the fruits of my  labors as soon as I finish a few ongoing projects.  Stay tuned!