Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Is Here!

...and in my home once the snow is gone (or mostly gone) my hubby and kids can NOT be kept inside! Hubby loves to work in the yard and as a result we have the best backyard in the subdivision (I am by no means biased ;-). This spring's big project was replacing the outdoor garden canopy that was wind wrecked last summer in a storm. I found one that I really liked at Menard's and my husband the carpenter said "I want something that is going to stay put!" So we worked together to compromise on a design. It's very simple...very in keeping with our Prairie style house. Large posts and beams are stained dark, almost black, brown while understated decorative arches are left naked. A medium brown fabric cover coordinates nicely with the dark and naked wood and our existing outdoor furniture. He did the woodworking and I sewed the cover. So, eight 6x6, four 2x10s, 5 yards of out door fabric and about 80 grommets later we have a masterpiece! Tell me you don't agree....

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