Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I hit the fabric store today!  I intended to stop by Joann's to pick up a flannel for a custom order (I am too impatient to wait for the yard I ordered on line) and they didn't have the flannel I went in for, but they had a really cute patchwork animal flannel and then there was the really cute dinosaur cotton and then the puppies....So I am adding to the mountain of pending projects instead of actually starting them, but with kids and life you do what you have to do.  I'd rather have fabric and no time to do things, than time to do things and no fabric.  Plus, I do need to start building my inventory for the Christmas shopping season.


Lexi said...

Hi! I also have an etsy shop and I got to your blog off of Etsymom I was just wondering How did you get that thing on the side of your blog with all the square pictures of your etsy stuff? I have seen it before on others and I want to put one on mine! My etsy shop is SugarandSpice1.etsy.com you can just convo me on there if you cant get to my blog. Thanks!

Wyles Style said...

I know how you feel about fabric! I just can't get enough! When I have to special order something, I am soooo excited when it gets to me . . . but most of the time, I just collect fabric from Joann's too! (Instant gratification!)